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ked up and hit my chin. Fuck! I stepped on the butt in disgust. Joel had shaken me up quite a bit. He could physically kill me within ten seconds if he chose to. Why does he hate me? Then I hear..."Dylan, let's go dude". I ran around to the side of the building where their pick-up was parked deciding not to mention this to anyone... why get Joel more video porno xnxxx pissed-off at me. Robbie and me rode in the back bed of the truck. It was fun, bumpy... xnxx sex but xnxx telugu fun. Looking at Robbie xxx was fun too. He had xnnx sunburn on his nose, me too... during the day we both wore the company's baseball hat to protect most of our pale faces from the sun. Even so, we were starting to acquire a pale tan on our arms and face... it looked healthy and good. Especially on Robbie... what a cute looking guy... xnxxcom him and his brother. Yum! Fuck Joel... he's not going to ruin my time tonight. Chubby was xnxx sex videos talking with Dodger when we pulled up. 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The taste xnxx vina garut of chicken cooked on a gas grill is bokep xnxx so different then when it's cooked in an oven... no comparison. Mrs Dickers made french fries that killed and cole slaw so creamy and yummy, sweet corn on xnxx app the cob, cucumber slices with Vidalia onions and tomato... and to xxx videos drink, that old summer standby, iced tea with lime wedges. Chubby looked over at me and I knew he was thinking about our dinner at xnxx hindi Ken's with the iced tea... we'd drank ice tea that night too, but only after we'd tried desi xnxx ordering beer, which hadn't worked out... the waitress laughing in our faces... the bitch. Tonight's barbecue dinner was xnxx barat awesome and later we all wanted to jump in the pool, but guess who forgot a bathing suit... Chubby, that's who. Who's the numbnuts now? Recognizing another xnxx indian missing bathing suit situation, Dodger did the same thing he did with me and stepped out of his speedo and handed it to Chubby... at least it was vidio xnxx dry this time. He'd handed me his wet one. I snickered seeing Chubby's free porn eyes get big as he stared at the naked Dodger, Chubby goes, "Holy shit... no need videos xnxx to be shy around us Dodger, just us guys here" then he laughed nervously. Dodger looked like.. what the fucks wrong?... then Chubby looked down at the suit and I'm betting he saw those skid marks that Dodger leaves in underpants and bathing suits. Man, I'm trying not to laugh out loud, but it ain't easy. Chubby goes, "Ah.. oh no. I couldn't... really, I couldn't." He was chuckling now at how absurd this was. I tentatively asked, through my smirk... "Ya want to use mine, Chubby?" he sex grabbed it out of my hand saying, xnxn "Terribly nice of you old man... thanks so much" and xnxx hd he and Robbie went off xnxx korea to change, laughing, bumping into each other and having a good old time. I was xnxx hot left holding Dodger's skid marked, too small speedo again. Dodger took off naked to find another suit ... the parents were at the other end of the house watching TV... thank God! There's a small pool bathroom off the attached garage that xnnx I changed in, smiling to myself, remembering that look mom xnxx on Chubby's face when japanese xnxx he saw the skids, hee hee ...and, after xnxx vina garut my laugh, I had to then porn put that god damn speedo on myself... whoa!... not so funny now. Tighter than I remembered too. I must be turning into a pervert or something because that little swim suit gives me a hard on. Probably best I don't think too much about the pee pee stains xnxx download or skid marks in this tiny sex videos piece of Hi Tech fabric or I might leave xnxx porn a little of my own DNA in there for Dodger to enjoy. Later, in the pool, there was a xnxx arab lot of that childish nut crunching going on... Dodger was unmerciful xnxx gay and one xnxx/ had to defend oneself. It was fun acted like ten year old kids for xnxxx awhile. You get four rambunctious teenage boys in a pool together and there will be some wrestling going on... which was so fine from my point of view. The bodies of those three xxnxx boys, all wet, slippery, tight, smooth and muscular had videos xnxx my cock working over time. Well, not just mine... no teen can control that thing called a penis when circumstances allow it to operate with a mind of it's own. 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It's frustrating to me that I just xnxx telugu don't know how to follow-up with Dodger's xnxx anime aggressive sexy behavior. What if he xnxx hindi thinks he's just doing acceptable teenager screwing around... like us kids did on the Middle School bus with all the nut crunching and ass grabbing stuff... not intentionally sexual... although maybe it was subconsciously, who knows. Dodger might very well think he's just playing... and then when I try something on him like stroking his cock, he screams for Robbie to save him from the homo sex maniac, me? What then? It sucks not knowing stuff and not nxxn knowing how to xnxx. find out the answer or the guidance. Maybe I should visit Carl in Maine, that's if he ever gets around to inviting me up there in the first place... we can have one of our mentor sessions about this sort of thing. Get his "take" on how to proceed. I'd love to know how to handle this because it's too exciting for words to even dream Dodger might want to play around with some gay sexy stuff... video xnxx with me! Of course, he won't be sixteen for a couple of weeks, www xnxx maybe I'm too old for him. See, more confusing issues. Anyway, for now I limited myself to exchanging "knowing" glances with him... even though I actually don't "know" shit about what the glances mean. Robbie drove us home at dusk because the mosquitoes were coming out to eat us alive. The four of us in the front seat of the pick-up's cab. Nice having Dodger on my lap and Chubby squished against my side. We all had a great time and next Wednesday we'll xnxx desi do it all again. Chubby and me sat on our front steps and smoked a cigarette after getting dropped off. Chubby thought the Dickers brothers rocked... he really like them. Then he got in a melancholy mood just before going xnxx video inside and said, "I really like your friends, Dylan... they're nicer than the guys I've met through the window washing job. The Dickers are more like our kind of people, ya know?" I shook my head in agreement remembering the window washer boys Chubby and I met at xxx xnxx the movies that time. Wistfully, Chubby added, "I'll be real happy when we have enough money to get our license and some kind of car and I can leave that window washing crowd xvideo behind." Man, I didn't know what porno xnxx to say so I just squeezed the back xnxx .com of his indian xnxx neck and mumbled, "You can handle video porno it, Chubby..." He video xnxx gave me a wry smile, patted my head and gave me a hug saying, "I feel so xxx video good for you, Dylan. We'll xnxx bokep be OK ... we'll both be OK" What he meant by that exactly is another mystery to me, but it's the first time he's www.xnxx come right out and said he was unhappy about that job... and he porn included the guys, Rickie was included too or he would have excluded him, xnxx which he didn't do. He isn't happy xnxx gay with any of them. I really don't want to gloat, but I knew there was something wrong with Rickie the first time I met him. Chubby disagreed with xnxx teen me at the time.. he thought Ricky was soooo cool. Well, like I said... I'm not gloating, but... xnxx mom ya know.... I was right. ***************** DYLAN'S DILEMMA Part 6 ****************** chapter 2 Riding to work on the bus Thursday morning I contemplated the hot time we had at xnxx anime the Dickers last night. It was xnxx indo so nice having Chubby with me. I was showing off Chubby to the Dickers brothers and showing off the Dickers brothers to xnxx telugu xnxx japanese Chubby. Made me feel important... somehow. I sure like them all and Mr and Mrs Dickers were very nice and xnxx porno considerate too. They know us kids like to xnxx jepang be left alone... they didn't horde in on our fun and I appreciate that. They fed us fabulously and then.. "Have fun boys... there's sodas in the cooler." That's the way to handle it, if you ask me. Leave us kids alone whenever possible. Nice boner from the bus ride and then everything went OK at work too. No run-in with Joel and no "queer" note in my locker. I porn saw Joel many times during the day but I just looked away at something else or someone else, but ya know... it's nerve-racking, to say the least. Then I xnxx hd thought, what a baby I am sometimes. porno OK... so Joel's a negative aspect of my job. I was remembering Chubby's negative endorsement of everything about his job situation last night and, reading between the lines a little, it certainly appears he has a much tougher time at work then I do... and he's not whining. Life is full of challenges, both Chubby and I have known that nxxn for years. We're tough enough though and of course we've always had each other's back... till now. Now we're more or less on our own in the workforce and, like I said... I've probably xnxx jav got it easier than Chubby. After dinner Chubby and I did all the leg and pubes shaving and then we jerked off together. xnxx sex videos Before we did the jerking off we'd been discussing Dodger's comment that he and Robbie jerked off together every night... xnxx. frankly, that made it less awkward for Chubby xvideo and I to do it. It's fun watching Chubby wank his short cock. He uses just his thumb and index finger... they form desi xnxx a ring around his dick. 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I felt faint with the effort for just that one xnxx sex videos second and then the wwwxnxx yummy sensations xnxx asia overwhelm me and I moan and gasp at the intense pleasure that ejaculation produces ... chills and thrills all over my body... shudders and fast blinks of my eyelids... all involuntary reactions to those erotically charged feelings of pleasure. Doing it with xnxx. Chubby makes it that much more of an intense happening... "awesome" doesn't quite cover it really.. Chubby looked over to see me shoot off and then, his eyes shining big and bright, mumbles, "That don't suck, does it? Whoa... I love to cum." I nodded my head saying, "Oh it's OK, I guess"... he's chuckling about something or other xnxx as we towel up our cum. "Ya ever taste it Chubby?" I asked, and he goes, "Yeah" and wipes his finger in cum drools on his legs and sucks it off. I'm like, "Let me taste" and he uses the same finger to wipe up a little more and holds it to my xxn mouth. I was surprised, but delighted, that he did that and xxxx I wrapped my lips porno xnxx around his finger and tongued and sucked the cum off. I could feel my dick start to get hard again. "Taste like anything to you" Chubby wanted to know. I make a face like I'm thinking and then say, "Barbecue sauce?" xxnn and Chubby goes, "You are such a xnxx mom dick xxx xnxx sometimes, Dylan". We're smiling sarcastically at each other... trying xnxx hot to pretend this is no big deal. "Let me taste site xnxx yours" he says, and I finger some into his mouth. He holds my wrist so he can lick my finger xnxx download twice and he makes like he just realized what it taste like... "I bokep xnxx got it... it taste like cum" he says with emphasis... we both xnxx. com xnxx stories laughed. I was in shock that Chubby played along with this... it was so exciting, but I xnxx app had to be cool with it... like him. 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Friday night Chubby and I went to xnxx sex video the movies xnxx jav and ran into a couple of xxn kids who were in Chubby's homeroom last year. When we spotted them xnxx tamil Chubby said to me, out the side of his mouth, "Ohh, these tamil xnxx dudes are funny, but they're always getting into trouble somehow too. We had a bitchin time last year in homeroom." The two kids came running up calling out, " Jeffrey, xvideos Jeffrey, is that you making the farting sounds?" People xnxx movies turned around to stare at us. Chubby and his pals were high fiving and laughing... obviously this was their inside joke about something that happened to them last xnxx videos school year in homeroom... I xnxx com/ don't even want to imagine what it was. After the hellos and introductions they wanted us to smoke some pot with them. We didn't do that, but we xnxx teen did wander around with them in the parking lot while they smoked a joint and we smoked a Marlboro Light. Inside the vina garut xnxx movie... Chubby's friends, Marshall and Desmond, sat with us and laughed out loud at everything anybody in the movie said. The movie itself was fairly funny... Marshall and Desmond xnxx com/ were hysterically funny. Some older patrons were going "shhhhh! shhhhh!' but the audience was made-up mostly of kids xnxx tamil our age and it got sex video riotous. It was a fun night, but we almost xxx videos got into another fight before it was over. Some kid pushed Chubby leaving the theater sex video so he and I went at the kid hot and heavy, but Lowe's Movie Theater xnxx japanese resident cop broke it up before anyone got seriously hurt. Just another night of laughs, fights, wwwxnxx and threats among the local teen natives... Saturday we both worked www xnxx of course... today, after work, Chubby went to his first Saturday night meeting of the window washer boys. I'm getting ready for my date with Willie. After my shower xnxx tv I used xnxx sex Mom's hairdryer to brush my hair up straight creating the oldtime flattop hairdo, like Willie asked me to... like his. My hairdo looks pretty much like his now because I'd had Chubby even-off the ends on top during my xnxx com last haircut. It made me laugh thinking about Willie and me with this same out-dated haircut. Gay guys do bizarre fashion stuff like this all the time though... I think we do anyway. Then I was out on the front steps smoking a cigarette, waiting xnx for Willie... just like last time. And, just like last time he pulled up in that hot two-seater convertible, smiled and waved at me... then blew his horn. He looked real cute, that sweet "excuse-me" smile he has... it's as if he's always hoping upon hope that everything's OK. Coming down the steps smiling back at him I flicked my cigarette into the gutter and it flew right over Willie's head... xnxx bokep totally by accident, with my heart in my throat. Willie goes, "WOW! That was cool." he thought I did it on purpose. Had to laugh xnxx com to myself... partly with relief the butt didn't hit him xnxx india or his car, and partly because he thought wwwxnxx I'd do something like that on purpose. Willie called out, "Dude, love your haircut" xnxx cina and then in a very sincere, quiet manner he added, "Thank you, Dylan". I rubbed across my flattop and xxnn swallowed hard, he's so easy to please... it gave me that feeling I get with him often... the one where I want xnxx 2019 to hug him and tell him how special he is. As soon as I was in the passenger seat Willie leaned over to kiss me and this time I found myself saying, "Sorry Willie... can we wait xxxx till we're out of my neighborhood? xnxx jepang I'm still in the closet and, you know... please." Willie goes, "Oh, I forgot, Dylan... xnxx selingkuh I'm the one who needs to say I'm sorry!" we pulled away from the curb with me unwrapping a piece of dubble-bubble, bubblegum. It taste so delicious for about ten seconds, then loses ninety-five percent of gay xnxx it's flavor... what's up with that? I admitted to myself, as I chewed that piece of gum, that the note in my locker with "QUEER!" written on it had influenced xnxx barat my behavior just then. Somebody saw me doing something with www.xnxx somebody, some time indo xnxx or other... I think it must have been with Willie, but xnxx stories then... maybe someone saw me with the Marine one of those times? It's very disturbing to know you have an enemy out there, especially not knowing who it is... who could it be? I always go back, in the end, to believing it's Joel Mc Carty. In any case it's not Willie's fault or his problem, but I had let it get in the way of Willie's ideal date... sort of. Trying to make it up gay xnxx to him, I squeezed the back of his neck and said, "You xnxx indo look so cool tonight, Willie. I should say "thank you" to you... I feel so lucky you picked me to be your boyfriend." He took in a big gay xnxx breath and bit his bottom lip, tried to say something... coughed, made a face, and then in a strangled voice said, "Your welcome, Dylan". He was beaming... Willie drove us down Route 30, past the turn-off for xnxx korea his house and right onto the Mass Pike. His car has an "EASY PASS" thingie on the windshield so we hardly slowed down at the tolls. We were heading for Boston. Willie had to shout over the traffic noise to tell me..."We'll eat at a TGI Fridays outside sex xnxx Cambridge. The movie theater is near there. OK, Dylan?" I nodded at him, it's not easy talking in a convertible that's flying down vina garut xnxx the turnpike xxnx at seventy xnxx teen miles an xnxx videos hour. I've lived in Massachusetts all my life, but I've never even been in Cambridge. You can't get around much if you don't have a drivers license. There's the " T " in and around Boston of course... that's xnxx video the MBTA which is the train/trolley/subway system in Boston. It's pretty good, but if you live in the suburbs www.xnxx you really need your own car... like Willie has. It's early for most diners, but TGI Friday's www xnxx com always has customers any time of the night or day. The restaurant's full name xnxx indo is Thank Goodness It's Friday... it's a chain, but a pretty good one. We got a booth and Willie xnxx sex video got right in next to me and took my hand in his. That was too much xnx for me and I asked him if he wouldn't mind sitting across from me... "so I porn videos can look at your cute face". He xnxx asia blushed, started xxxx to protest, and then reluctantly xnxx moved over across from me. Damn, two of us sitting next to each other in a booth?... come on!... that's too much even for Willie. Willie is, in many porn xnxx ways, a contradiction. He's shyly naive and innocent, xnnn but also he wants to be the xnxx hot "man"... the one in charge. Wants to think of me as his "date" who he's "taking out". He site xnxx picks me up and takes me "on a date" which porno he pays for. It's not the way I'd choose to do it, but I'll be damn xnxx porn if I'm going to hurt his feelings, not when I can help it I'm not. That being said, sitting on the same side xnxx desi of the booth was too much... feelings or not. I indo xnxx go along with most of his unusual conception of how our relationship should go xnxx movies because it's harmless and because I like him so much. When he desi xnxx was settled in across from me I tried to xnxx indonesia explain, "Willie, I'm so new to being gay, I don't always know what's right. Don't be mad at me, OK?" Willie isn't the slightest bit manipulating or sneaky nor does he ever think about advancing some nefarious agenda for himself... no, this is how he honestly, in his heart, believes the proper "date" should proceed. My loosely formed plan to counterman that is to make xnxx barat little adjustments in our relationship, as I'm able to... without making it obvious xnxx india to Willie. Nothing too xnxx 2019 drastic, no changes too fast. I wouldn't burst xnxx japan his fantasy bubble for anything... not if I can help it. Fact xnxx arab is, I enjoy his eccentric side... his original, surprising personality is strangely captivating and very sweet... it is to me, anyhow... but, you know, sitting side by side in a restaurant booth? He answers me with, "I'm not mad at you... I understand you're uncomfortable with me sometimes, Dylan, and I'm trying to porn xnxx do my best to not xnx take it too personally." Willie made his little xnxx indian speech and then reached https // over and held my hand between both of his saying, for about the tenth time since I've known him, "Anyway, I never in a million years thought I'd ever xnxx porno have a date as hot and sexy and cute as you are... and as nice too. I know you wouldn't intentionally hurt my feelings... sometimes you, like you said, just don't know the correct way to act". I stared back blankly at his seriously sincere cute face as I was trying to come up with something to say. It's not unusual that Willie will say something that I can't immediately respond to because it's simply too off the wall... too unexpected. Well, some of his last statement is preposterous and some of it makes me blush every time he says it, even as xnxx sex video I realize how silly it is. For one thing, me being such a hot boy/date... that's nuts for a number of reasons. He's cuter sunny leone xnxx than xxx video I am, he's got his own hot convertible, he goes to an exclusive Prep school, he's got wickedly rich parents, he knows his way www xnxx com around nxxn Boston, Cambridge. L.A. or wherever, and all in all... he's the hottie "catch", not me. He's the "trophy date", not mom xnxx me! I'm the "country bumpkin". But, he sees it the way he chooses. I looked zoo xnxx Willie in the eyes and go, "Like I said in the car... I'm the lucky one, Willie. I love that we're boyfriends... I really do and I really feel lucky. I'll learn about being sex xnxx gay from you." Oh my xnxx sex God, Willie was beaming with pride again and I wanted to hug him so tight and tell him how wonderful he is... I don't think enough people have told him that during his seventeen years of life. Interrupting our mutual-admiration-society was a college-age waiter who had arrived to take our order... we ordered Fried Mozzarella for our shared appetizer and when Willie nodded his head at me that I should order first, I ordered Jack Daniels Glazed Ribs for my main course... baked stuffed potato xnxx tamil and a salad with Italian dressing. Willie said, "I'll have the same as my date's having, thank you. And, oh, please bring us extra napkins and we'll both have cokes". I smiled to myself thinking... "same as xxx my date"?... hmmm, this is going to be japan xnxx a real challenge changing Willie. I have a feeling I'm the one who'll wind-up changing... Willie smiled at me so hard when the waiter left... it was obvious he was so proud to have me as his "date". That's real nice, although I may have flushed some when the waiter smirked in my direction at the "my date" comment. Willie was making it more than slightly awkward for xxx videos me, xnnn as usual... but, he's doing things his way and... what the hell, it's sweet. After some small talk about the waiter... did I think he was cute? and did he, the waiter, come on to me xnxx hd at sex video all?. "No" to both questions. Willie then had a long rap that was funny although obviously he had memorized it for tonight. He listed a number of things women put in a newspaper personal ad when seeking male companionship, and what those words in actuality represent. Decoding the "buzz" words, he called it... for example, if a woman says she's "forty-ish" it really means she's forty-nine. If a woman describes herself as "athletic" she's really confessing that she has no tits. He got me laughing xnnx pretty good and the xnxx japan more I laughed the more confidently he came out with additional examples... If she put "average looking" in sex her personal ad it actually means... ugly. If she list herself as "beautiful" it means... she's a pathological liar. "Emotionally secure", equals... heavily medicated. "Feminist" means... fat. "Fun person" means she's probably been called annoying quite frequently by other male companions. If she says she's "new age" that means she's got body hair in the wrong places. "Outgoing" probably indicates she drinks too much and is loud and embarrassing. "Large framed" would be used to describe a hugely fat woman. And others like those... he'd memorized a lot of them. 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